Headley Court DMRCWe’re pleased to confirm that we have been awarded the new contract to provide Orthotic and Prosthetic rehabilitation services at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court in Surrey. Blatchford has run the O&P service at Headley Court since 2006 and the new contract means our expert staff will continue to provide the best care to military personnel through this important service. We look forward to running this prestigious service and supporting the transition from Surrey to a new facility in Loughborough later in 2018.

The military veterans treated at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court constitute the most complex cases treated in the UK each year. The injuries sustained in modern warfare tend to be multiple, involving more than one amputation and are often accompanied by damage to other organs which adds additional complexity. This means that individuals are having to recover from a range of surgical interventions and arising conditions which need a holistic approach but at each level require new and different approaches to treatment. We believe that our rich heritage and experience in both providing excellent clinical service as well as developing some of the most advanced prosthetic products support these usually young and highly active individuals.

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