Seating Products

  • Carved foam seating
  • KATO seating
  • Moulded seating
  • Nimbus Modular Seat
  • Seating Accessories
  • Shower & toilet seating

TABE MED provides special seatings

Designing wheelchairs is custom imprint of the body while the design of the wheelchair should fit your body shape for your comfort and reduplication your health problems.

We are reforming, servicing and installation of wheelchair and any of the basic or additional parts to fit your needs, health and your job.

We provide home visits to follow up on patients and making medical sessions and provide for their needs and modify their living places and their work according to their health status.

We create physical therapy departments in hospitals and provide all needs and we manage as ordered both inside and outside Egypt.

We have a dedicated research center to develop and deliver everything new and useful to our customers.

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