• Camino Footwear Collection
    Camino Footwear Collection
  • Camino Select Collection
    Camino Select Collection
  • Momentum Offloading Brace
    Momentum Offloading Brace
  • Orthotic stock footwear
    Orthotic stock footwear

TABE MED provides the Orthotics

We excel in this field by the accuracy and the speed of accomplishment as we have a specialized movement laboratory to observe all movement problems to modify it and formatting an accurately movement abutments in the same session.

Do not worries about the forms of movement abutments which are often stereotype forms; we have designed special forms for you fit your age, gender and personality.

We have a movement abutments fit your needs and do not fit any one except you as your handprint; we have devices which can adjust the abutments angles and identify its problems accurately.

We are qualifying you to use the splint and follow-up, modify and maintenance any problems that may arise or any changes could happen.

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