Multiflex Ankle Standard 30mm

Activity Level 1 2 3

Multiflex ankle provides natural ankle movement for K2-K3 activity levels. Ball and socket design simulates natural ankle movement for stability and control on all terrain. Ball controls plantar-flexion, snubber controls dorsi-flexion. Individual selection of ankle and snubber allows for customization to amputee weight and activity level.




Max. User weight/Activity Level: 125kg / 1-3
Build Height: 60mm
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 201g



Ankle Part Number Snubber Part Number
379342 Multiflex ankle (W) 30mm
379343 Multiflex ankle (O) 30mm
379344 Multiflex ankle (B) 30mm
409007 Snubber (W) 60°
409008 Snubber (O) 70°
409009 Snubber (B) 80°



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  • Multiflex Ankle Standard 30mm – Instructions for use
    938224 Iss4.pdf


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An annual visual inspection is recommended. Check for visual defects that may affect proper function. Maintenance must be carried out by competent personnel.

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