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Usually the amputation owner doesn’t use a prosthesis after ending the process of amputation so we sum up the next lines for you the stages that the amputation place may pass and answered all the questions that may revolve in your mind.

At first, you have to get an adequate medical care and to keep the amputation place away of any contamination or changes in surrounding skin.

Changes in amputation place are very fast and there is no need to worry about it, you just have to follow up with our specialists to tell you how and when you can fit the prosthesis.

Do not worries if you felt by the amputated part as it still exist, it is a normal sensation due to lack of atrophy at the competent part of the brain.

With us you will find the ways which helps you to keep the wound and the amputated part save with what is related to it in the following problems:

1- For the problems of Sensation we can provides you by an appropriate treatment, we have many ways to treat each problem you will faces.

2- As we have many ways to control in the size of Amputation to become an appropriate to fit prosthesis without problems in several ways and our team will train you on it.

3- For skin problems around the amputation place, we have assigned a Dermatologist in the medical center for you beside the sophisticated electrical devices to treat the majority of skin problems that you may face.

4- Do not worry from the muscles’ weakness of amputated part, we have specialized a formatted place for rehabilitation and sports equipment which will help you to get your muscles’ strength back in addition to the rehabilitation physical therapy sessions.

5-You will get your normal life back as soon as possible, we provide to you what will be suited your daily needs and creates your work and living place which commensurate with your health condition, as we have a movement specialist laboratory which identify accurately the movement problems, How to treat from it and identifying the problems of prosthesis in the same session with its treatment.

Important Information

Did you know that moving after fitting the prosthesis hurts you more than being good for you?

– Did you know that your habilitation to use the prosthesis gradually will be under the supervision of specialists and this ensures that you get the most out?

– Did you know that everyone with a prosthesis will have a different habilitation program under the supervision of a specialist based on his condition.

– Did you know that a change that happens in the amputation place is very normal thing but you have to resort to a specialist to adjust the prosthesis according to these changes?

– Did you know that the weight of the prosthesis must equal the weight of natural organ till your movement becomes natural?

– Did you know that having the appropriate prosthesis doesn’t requires your restrict of any activity?

– Did you know that the appropriate prosthesis doesn’t mean to pay an exorbitant sums or waiting for a long time to have it?

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